Circuits et Balades en Provence

Circular paths and hikes for our guests

We also call ourselves Fleur de Provence, the flower of Provence. This stands for art and culture in Provence, and at the same time it illustrates the central location we have in St. Laurent des Arbres.

Circuits tours by car

From St. Laurent des Arbres our guests can reach the greatest sights, cities and world cultural monuments of Provence by car. Within a few minutes you are at the Pont du Gard or in Avignon, Orange etc.. A little further on are the Calanques, Marseille. At the Ardêche or on the beach in Grau du Roi you can reach them in about 40 minutes. Unknown spots and corners like the Côte bleu can be reached in about one hour. We will be happy to tell you the best routes and routes. You can take exact and current maps with you (see e.g.

Circuits tours with the motorcycle and with the racing bike

We have developed different routes for road machines, which are for cruising, i.e. gliding through the landscape for our motorcyclists and for our racing cyclists their own and for the latter partly a scenic and physical attraction. An example is the round trip Mont Ventoux as a circuit with approx. 130 km from the house or with car transfer all around and over the mountain with 60-70 km a world famous and extreme tour for cyclists. For motorcyclists, however fast, an unbelievable pleasure.

Less strenuous and mostly driven by a few cars are the most beautiful tours through Provence and its garrigue, to the Gardon, the Cèze and the Ardêche, to Baume de Venise, to the Rhône with the Montagnettes and other wonderful destinations.

Tours for mountain bikers

Here you can start from the house and work through from easy to extreme the Garrigue – a mountain landscape with approx. 200-300m ascending karstic mountains. Tours at the Gardon, around Apt, in the Alpilles e.g. around St.Remy are suitable for families. Depending on the variant you can be really challenged. The Mont Ventoux, for example, has a down hill variant for crazy experts. There should be! Has impressed our house and courtkraxler.

Circuits et Balades, round hikes and mountain tours

The photos of six such balades show wonderfully how attractive Provence can also be in spring (March and April) and autumn (September and October) for the active and nature lovers and for the culture addicts Provence shows its true unmistakable and multi-faceted own face. The light is incredible at this time of year. The tours are in the Dentelles de Montmirail, Mont Ventoux, Gardon, Alpilles and direction Nîmes and have names like: the path to the tooth of the Turk or the ditches of Fournès, the hermitage of Collias.

These and about 100 other Balades and Circuits in the surroundings are very well marked, findable and differentiated according to degree of difficulty. (see also le gard conseil general, and comité départmental de la randonnée pédestre). Very important are proper shoes, at least thin leather gloves are always useful in Provence, adjust clothing to the most predictable temperature (our guests can also get information about the weather for their daily destination daily, see e.g. and of course take something to drink with them. The Balades and Escalades can be mastered mostly in 3-4 hours. The fact that they are fantastically beautiful and exciting up to the last step can be seen in the shining eyes of the house and court scrambler.

Photos of some tours

The pictures are all of our house and court scrambler, enduro rider and river hiker Jules.